Organ kit for Secondary Education
Nutrition and healthy habits

Acquire a better knowledge of the body and its inner workings, to be mindful of your health and lifestyle.

STEAM learning about nutrition and healthy habits
for secondary school students through the use
of 100% real anatomical organs

1. The proposal has been co- designed and validated by University and Secondary School teachers, and adapted to the 3er grade of the Secondary School syllabus.

2.Free-to-handle organs will pique the student’s interest and allow them to experience, first-hand, the beauties of anatomy.

3.Digital tools and activities, gamified to more attractively teach about body physiology and healthy habits.

4.STEAM approach easily adapted to multiple subjects and grades. Allows fort collaborative learning in small groups and promotes students’ inclusion.

OrganKit materials
Plastinated organs

Digestive, circulatory, respiratory and excretory systems:

  • Pig heart
  • Pig stomach
  • Lamb lung
  • Ovine bronchial tree
  • Pig kidneys

Used to explore inside the organs and simulate clinical scenarios.

QR code

Gives acccess to digital content.

Anatomical map

Navigation guide of plastinated organs.

OrganKit ICT resources
View the materials

Teaching proposal adapted for Spanish curricular content of 3er grade Secondary School students.

Interactive activities

Interactive activities to study physiology and healthy habits: video-tutorials, challenges, gamified contents, self-evaluation tools…

Defining characteristics
of the plastinated organs

100% anatomically real and ready to handle.


Biological material degrades over time, is messy and is usually preserved in toxic liquids. Plastinated organs can be used in any situation and environment, without gloves or other safety measures!


No more bending over backwards to procure and store biological material for study in Secondary Schools. They can be easily kept and transported in a briefcase!


Pieces do not degrade or break down, they are made of high resilient material. A long-term investment.


Wide selection of animal organs, adapted for syllabus content of Secondary School and Baccalaureate students.

How can OrganKit be used?
Remote teaching
Traditional teaching
with unique materials
Reverse teaching,
gamification, etc.
Promote diversity and
learning with peers
Teaching students with disabilities (class, home, hospital)
Models for drawings
and other art-forms
Base for augmented
reality markers
Inspire role-play
and creative writing
Teacher feedback
  1. “There is nothing quite like having the student see, touch and manipulate a real organ. That moment where they pick it up and go: Ahhh!”

“These materials have helped my 3er year students students get past their disgust and squeamishness, since they can touch and manipulate real organs in class in a safe manner”

“I used this material with visually impaired students, and I was surprised at how meaningful it was for them, as well as how easy it was to provide immediate learning for them”

“Having plastinated organs as a resource for remote learning has opened the door to new ways of teaching”

“I have been able to implement augmented reality activities on these organs”

“For Valentine’s Day, a group of students used plastinated hearts to make a video on the importance of love during teenage years”

Proyecto financiado por la CARM a través del Programa Regional de Apoyo a la Transferencia y Valorización del Conocimiento y el Emprendimiento Científico 2021 de la Fundación Séneca-Agencia de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Región de Murcia.

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