Secondary and High education (on-site and on-line)
100% real and safe anatomy to develop students' scientific skills in an innovative way.
Why does plastination maximise the science skills of your high school students?

1. Organs specially prepared for theoretical and practical classes, from Primary to Sciences Bachelor’s degree, in subjects such as Comparative Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Applied Anatomy and Biology.

2. Realism, anatomical detail and ease of handling in any environment, both on-site and online.

3. Ideal complement to dissections: plastinated organs facilitate the understanding of the structure and three-dimensional morphology of the anatomy.

4. The only model that allows the direct manipulation of real organs, which reinforces the motivation and attention of the students.

How can the briefcases be used?
Theoretical and practical face-to-face teaching
Links to multilevel explanatory videos
Direct manipulation in class
Synchronous online teaching
High School Biology Teacher Testimonials

“There is nothing comparable to a student seeing, touching and manipulating a real organ, that moment in which he/she takes the organ and says: ahhhh !!!

“These materials have helped my 3rd ESO students reduce their shock  and apprehension, by being able to safely touch and manipulate real organs during class”

“I have been able to develop augmented reality experiences on these organs”

“The possibility of using the plastinated organs through teaching on-line allows new forms of tutoring”

Plastination and its advantages in teaching anatomy
Plastination is changing the way anatomy is taught.

It is a technique by which the tissues fluids and part of the fat are replaced by a polymer. This technique allows to prepare real organs of unlimited duration in time, manipulable in any situation and environment.


Students can manipulate 100% real organs. In online classes the teacher can show anatomy in an attractive, comfortable and real way.


The School can keep an organ library unlimitedly.


Wide variety of organs and systems covering the entire high school curriculum.


It allows clean practices, avoiding the complexity of preparing fresh organ dissections. They do not require special storage conditions in the educational centre.


Organs that can be manipulated in any situation and environment (without the need for gloves), and can be used as support in theoretical classes.

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